About Us

Central de Vidrio Soplado de Jalisco S.A. de C.V.

Central de Vidrio Soplado de Jalisco is a 100% Mexican company, founded in 1987.

For more than 20 years Central de Vidrio Soplado de Jalisco has been the leading manufacturer of blown glass products. Located in the beautiful and enterprising city of Tonala, Jalisco, it is committed to the growth of the city, generating employment and respect for the environment because we use recycled glass, thus becoming a part of the world wide eco-friendly movement.

All our products are hand made without the use of any heavy machinery made items,  making the process of recycled glass 100% handmade and original. For that reason each and every piece is unique becoming a true representative of  “Mexican Crafts”.

We are suppliers of the Main Hotel Chains of our Country, as well as of the Main Companies of Decoration locally and in the United States of America. Also we cater to the local retail market and are the first choice for the City councils of the State for the visits that the Departments of Tourism organize to present the art the Blown Glass.

The 85% of our production is exported to different countries as US, CANADA, UK, SINGAPORE, SPAIN, VENEZUELA, CHILE, etc.


We want to design, manufacture and sell quality products. With the commitment to be a competitive, innovative, productive and humane to provide satisfaction to our customers and a humane and dignified treatment company to its employees.


We will be the leading blown glass products export grade in the region.


HONESTY: It is the integrity reflection of our employees (loyalty, loyalty, decency and truthfulness) which makes the company trustworthy.

RESPECT: The respect that is practiced at CENTRAL DE VIDRIO SOPLADO DE JALISCO is thru the comprehension and tolerance of the right of every single person, it lead us to the harmony and daily living.

SERVICE: Employees character to provide immediate assistance to our customers need with great attitude, professionalism, collaboration, responsibility ant customer service.

QUALITY: It is the level in how we measure the characteristics of our products and services through archive our customer satisfaction.

CREATIVITY: This is the main quality of CENTRAL DE VIDRIO SOPLADO staff in order to get new ideas, developed and transformed them in innovated products, that reflect the excellence of our products, process and customer service.